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Legal Expertise

Patents and Utility Models


  • Consultation in the field of research and development as well as concepts for innovative products
  • Assessment of allowability of patents and utility models
  • Drafting and filing of applications in Germany/Europe (EPC) and worldwide (PCT)
  • Supplementary protection certificates
  • Continuous monitoring/observation of competition

Trademarks and Design Patents


  • Development, drafting and selection of trademarks and designs
  • National and worldwide applications for trademarks and designs
  • Assessment of availability of trademarks
  • Community trademark applications as well as trademark applications under the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement (MMA, PMMA)
  • Community design applications, international design applications, foreign design applications
  • Developing strategies for protection in Europe and worldwide

Employee´s Inventions


  • Shop agreements and contract
  • Examination of invention report
  • Determination and calculation of remuneration
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Legal disputes before a court of law

Ligitation Proceedings


  • Representation in opposition, appeal, nullity and revocation
  • All kinds of infringement proceedings in the field of industrial property rights in Germany, Europe and worldwide
  • Representation in copyright matters as well as matters of general competition law
  • Combating of product and trademark piracy including border confiscation procedures
  • Developing strategies in infringement proceedings
  • Injunction proceedings
  • Cross-border proceedings (EC)
  • Consultation for arrangements and settlements out of court
  • Expert opinions on reverse engineering

International Consultation


  • Developing strategies for protection in Europe and worldwide
  • Prosecution of foreign applications for protective rights
  • International marketing and cooperation contracts
  • International business law
  • Co-ordinating international legal advice



  • Obtaining patent and utility model documents and other technical literature
  • Trademark and company searches
  • Search for domain names and copyrights
  • Determining the status of protective rights
  • Searches to ascertain the state of the art
  • Searches for applicants/owners of protective rights

Transfer of Technology


  • Consultation in cases of sale and merger of companies
  • Secrecy and license agreements
  • Transfer of protective rights
  • Evaluation of industrial property rights
  • Consultation in international license agreements
  • Evaluation of application strategies

Additional Services


  • Right of sale (laws for commercial agents, traders on own account and franchising enterprises)
  • Merchandising
  • Lectures and seminars in the field of industrial property rights
  • Training of staff members
  • Obtaining of excerpts from the commercial register
  • Information documents
  • Formal patent drawings
  • Legalizations and apostiles
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