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Innovation is Our Tradition

Patents, Trademarks, Designs worldwide – since 1920.

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Innovation is Our Tradition

Patents, Trademarks, Designs worldwide – since 1920.

For medium-sized companies, major corporations, and start-ups we have been protecting and defending intellectual property since 1920. In close cooperation with law firms in almost all other countries we coordinate patents, trademarks, and designs worldwide.

The scientific background of our patent attorneys enables us to offer our clients highly qualified consultation in all areas of technology and engineering. We have gained a wide experience by dealing with thousands of industrial property rights, so that we can ensure you professional and efficient support – from prosecution to litigation.

Our lawyers work hand in hand with the patent attorneys and are highly qualified lawyers specialized in the field of industrial property rights.

Our clients’ goals are always our first priority. In the highly competitive area of industrial property rights, the companies are faced with diverse challenges, e.g. building up a valuable portfolio of industrial property, economically dealing with industrial property rights, or the strategic orientation in the sector. We see it as our most important task to understand the goals of our clients, identify problems, and develop individual solutions.

Commitment and team spirit are the most important ingredients for us to provide successful personal consultations to our clients. We see ourselves as part of our client’s team, in which we work together to analyze goals and create solutions. With openness and honesty, we have accompanied our clients for decades.

The General Court of the European Union gives a ruling for the first time on the registration of a sound mark submitted in audio format - An audio file containing the sound made by the opening of a drinks can, followed by silence and a fizzing sound, cannot be registered as a trade mark in respect of various drinks and for metal containers for storage or transport, in so far as it is not distinctive. mehr...
The marks must be compared as applied for and registered, without altering their orientation – The General Court dismisses the action brought by Chanel against the registration of a Huawei mark on the ground that the figurative marks at issue are not similar. mehr...
The General Court confirms that there is no likelihood of confusion between the collective mark HALLOUMI, reserved for the members of a Cypriot association, and the sign ‘BBQLOUMI’ which serves to designate the products of a Bulgarian company. mehr...
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